Accounts are the central starting point when interacting with the COTI network and using COTI Services. A COTI account is an entity, a distinct object type, stored in the ledger, that holds coins. Accounts can hold the native COTI coin (COTI), custom fungible, and custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created on the COTI network.

The COTI native coin COTI is a utility coin primarily used to pay for transactions and gas fees when interacting with the network.

You interact with the network by submitting transactions that modify the ledger's state or submitting query requests that read data from the ledger. Most transactions and queries have a transaction fee that is charged in COTI.

Creating an account

The easiest way to create an account is by running an existing test from one of the COTI SDKs. If your .env file doesn't contain an account, one will be automatically created. Run one of the following tests to create an account.

Running tests will create an account automatically. The account will be saved to the .env file and will need to be funded. Use the COTI Faucet to request devnet/testnet funds.

  1. Install dependencies

  2. Build and compile contracts

    yarn build
  3. Run tests

    yarn test

See the Hardhat Readme for more info.

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