function onBoard(ctUint8 ct) internal returns (gtUint8)

The function onboards a given Ciphertext to the gcEVM, resulting in a Garbledtextโ„ข value.

Please note that the function onboard can only be invoked with ciphertext encrypted by the system AES key. Such ciphertexts are generated through the offboard call. If offboardToUser is called, encrypting the data with the user key and then attempting to onboard it using the onboard function will result in an error.

In order to onboard a ciphertext encrypted by the user AES key, use the validate Input text function.

Usage example

function getUserKeyTest(bytes calldata signedEK, bytes calldata signature, address addr) public returns (uint8) {

    gtUint8 a = MpcCore.setPublic8(uint8(5));
    gtUint8 c = MpcCore.add(a, uint8(5)); // 10
    userKey = MpcCore.getUserKey(signedEK, signature);
    ctUserKey = MpcCore.offBoardToUser(c, addr);
    ctUint8 ctSystemKey = MpcCore.offBoard(c);
    gtUint8 c1 = MpcCore.onBoard(ctSystemKey);
    x = MpcCore.decrypt(c1);
    return x;

The onBoardcall in line 8 turns the "ctSystemKey" Ciphertext value to a Garbledtextโ„ข.

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