function transfer(gtUint8 a, gtUint8 b, gtUint8 amount) internal returns (gtUint8, gtUint8, gtBool)

function transfer(gtUint8 a, gtUint8 b, uint8 amount) internal returns (gtUint8, gtUint8, gtBool)

The function transfers the value "amount" from "a" to "b".

  • If the value of "a" is less than the "amount", both "a" and "b" remain unchanged.

  • The "amount" can be either in clear (unencrypted) or encrypted form.

  • The function returns the new values of "a" and "b", along with a boolean value indicating whether the transfer was successful or not, encrypted for confidentiality.

Usage example

Private ERC20 transfer function gets an encrypted value to transfer from the sender account to the receiver account.

// Transfers the amount of tokens given inside the encrypted value to address _to
// params: _to: the address to transfer to
//         _value: the encrypted value of the amount to transfer
// returns: The encrypted result of the transfer.
function contractTransfer(address _to, gtUint64 _value) public returns (gtBool success){
    (gtUint64 fromBalance, gtUint64 toBalance) = getBalances(msg.sender, _to);
    (gtUint64 newFromBalance, gtUint64 newToBalance, gtBool result) = MpcCore.transfer(fromBalance, toBalance, _value);

    emit Transfer(msg.sender, _to);
    setNewBalances(msg.sender, _to, newFromBalance, newToBalance);

    return result;

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